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  • TPU leather
    TPU leather

    TPU leather is a  real green and Eco friendly  material. Compared to other leather mateiral , It has...

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Zhejiang Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation "Huasheng Technology", stock code "605180") was founded in 1996. It is located in Haining warp knitting industrial zone, Haining city, Zhejiang, China. As famous China TPU faric Manufacturers and OEM TPU faric factory, The company belongs to the industrial textile industry in the textile industry. It is a high-quality supplier in the field of plastic composites and a member of China Nonwovens &Industrial Textiles Association. The company is deeply engaged in the production and R & D of plastic composites and has established a provincial research and development center for high-tech enterprises. And manufacture wholesale TPU faric.