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What are the applications of brushed cloth?

The so-called brushed cloth is simply a high air-tightness inflatable material made of polyester fabric as the base cloth and laminated with PVC film. Because of the advantages that traditional materials do not have, such as low cost, light weight, high strength, and portability, it is now widely used. So, what can it do specifically?
1. Drawing
Because some materials in daily life, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper alloy, wood, plastic, etc., are required to form scratches of different lengths and thicknesses on them based on the needs of aesthetics, which is the so-called brushed effect. The use of brushed cloth not only produces the effect, but also does not scratch the surface like emery cloth, causing the surface of the workpiece to become black. It feels good when it is manually operated, and the drawing effect is beautiful. Therefore, brushed cloth is ideal compared to sandpaper emery cloth.

2. Burrs and rust removal. At the same time, it can also be sanded and primed in the woodworking industry.

3. If you choose to use soft cotton, it can also be used as a dishcloth to replace the steel wool ball at home.